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PR Friendly/Disclaimer

PR Friendly
Diary Of Makeup Geek would be more than happy to review items however it is preferred the items fall into a subject of personal interests/interests of readers. 

Interest catagories are:
- Beauty
- Hair Care
- Skin Care
- Makeup
- Mummy related
- Organic/Natural Products

If you would like me to review items then please send me an email

Stats for daily page views on average are 600
Stats for page views in a month (month chosen at random) - 13,732

Diary Of A Makeup Geek is a UK based blog. I blog about life as a mum, lifestyle, fashion, hobbies/interests, reviews and of course makeup. I would like to state all my reviews are given with 100% honesty after a fair trial, everything on my blog is bought with my own money unless stated otherwise (as of March 13 all PR samples will be marked with a *). Any reviews/recommendations are not influenced or imposed in any way but rather so based on my personal thoughts. So if in any way you feel the review doesn't match your personal thoughts do remember these are only my opinions.

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