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Blog Sale

This blog sale is UK only. P&P prices are £2-£3 depending on what the item is and 50p extra after the first two items for each extra item. All payments to be made with PayPal through the family/friends option otherwise you/me will be charged a percentage by PayPal. If you're interested in any of the items I would recommend emailing me direct that way I can pick up on them as soon as possible, my email address is Also I must stress if you choose to leave a blog comment then do leave you're email address so I can at least reply to you.

Blog sale is currently being updated, I am slowly working my way through with it so bear with me, if theres any items you're interested in below which have no prices just email me.

All new or swatched.
Clarins Brow Kit - RRP £35.00 - Selling for £22.00.
x2 Urban Decay Brow Tamer 'Warm Brown' - RRP £15.00 - Selling for £7.00 each.
Urban Decay Duo Ended Brow Beater 'Dark' - RRP £15.00 - Selling for £7.00.
Sigma Elevate Brow Pencil - RRP £7.95 - Selling for £3.00.
Eylure Duo Ended Brow Pencil/Brush - RRP £5.45 - Selling for £2.00.
Eylure Brow Crayon 'Dark Brown' - SOLD
Eylure Duo Ended Brow Ink 'Dark Brown' - RRP £8.45 - Selling for £3.00.
Soap & Glory 2-in-1 Brow Brush & Pencil 'Blondeshell' - RRP £8.00 - Selling for £3.00.
Tarte Brow Gel - Selling for £10.00.
All new or swatched.
Urban Decay Naked Glosses 'Streak, Rule34, Liar' - RRP £14.50 - Selling for £8.00 each.
Urban Decay Revolution High Colour Lipgloss 'Failbait' - RRP £15.50 - Selling for £9.00.
Sigma Lip Switches 'Transcend & Pink Lotus' - RRP £11.50 - Selling for £6.50 each.
Dose of Colors 'Kiss of Fire' - Selling for £18.00.
MUA Luxe Matte Lipsticks 'Kooky & Criminal' - Selling for 50p each.
Illamasqua Intense Lip Glosses 'Belladonna & Wanderlust' - RRP £17.50 - Selling for £5.00 each.
MUA Intense Kisses - Selling for 50p.
Arbonne Lipgloss - Selling for £1.00.
RMK Vintage Lipgloss - RRP £14.50 - Selling for £7.00.
All swatched once.
NARS Full Size Velvet Matte Lip Pencils 'Sex Machine & Train Bleu - RRP £19.00 - Selling for £14.00 each.
NARS Sample Set Size Velvet Gloss 'New Lover' - Selling for £11.00.
Too Faced Color Bomb 'Eastwood Red' - RRP £19.00 - Selling for £8.00.
Sexy Mother Plucker Gloss Sticks 'Plum Jam & Nudist' - Selling for £4.00 each.
KIKO Jumbo Lipstick Pencil - Selling for £7.00.
NYX Jumbo Lip Pencils ' Gold & Burgundy' - Selling for £2.00 each.
Topshop Lip Bullets 'Motel & Wine Gum' - Selling for £3.00 each.
All swatched once.
Revlon lipsticks - Selling all for £25.00 or £3.00 each.
All swatched once.
Illamasqua 'Atomic & Flicker' - RRP £19.50 - Selling for £8.00 each.
Clinique Matte Suede - RRP £18.00 - Selling for £11.00.
Lime Crime 'No She Didn't'
Body Shop Colour Crush '14,18,15' - RRP £10.00 - Selling for £4.00 each.
SEVENTEEN Stay Pout 'Saintly' - Selling for £2.00.
Paul & Joe infill and case Sheer Red - RRP £21.00 - Selling for £12.00.
Arbonne Lipstick - Selling for £5.00.
All new.
Illamasqua Medium eye & lip pencils 'Ascend & Fidelity' - RRP £13.00 - Selling for £7.00 each.
Clarins Lip Definer 'Nude Mocha' - RRP £17.00 - Selling for £11.00.
All new.
KIKO Dawn Til Dusk Mascara - RRP £8.90 - Selling for £3.50.
Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara's - RRP £10.00 - Selling for £3.50 each (one left).
Bobbi Brown Extreme Party Mascara - £10.00.
Eyeko Fat Brush Mascara - Selling for £6.00.
All swatched once.
Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner 
Clarins 3 Dot Liner - RRP £21.00 - Selling for £10.00.
Tarte Longwear Liner - £9.00.
KIKO Kajal & Liquid Liner - Selling for £4.00.
New or used.
NYX Gold Glam Shadow Stick
Collection Glam Crystals Multi Coloured & Green - £2.00 Selling for each.
Used Urban Decay Zero 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil - Selling for £4.00.
Urban Decay Palette Sized 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencils 'Zero & Ransom' - Selling for £7.00 each.
Urban Decay Full Size 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil 'Woodstock' - Selling for £10.00.
Sigma Final Touch Inner Rim Brightener - SOLD
Clarins Intense Violet Crayon Kohl - Selling for £6.00.
Eyes of Horus Nubian Brown Goddess Pencil - Selling for £4.00.
All used.
Tarte Waterproof Clay Gel Liners Black & Purple - Selling for £8.00 each.
Laura Mercier Black Tighline Cake Eyeliner - Selling for £10.00.
BareMinerals Sable Liner - £7.00.
All swatched once.
Becca Jewel Dusts £2.50 each:
Top row Mazikeen, Aspara, Nissa.
Bottom row: Titania, Astra, Erzulle.
All swatched or used twice max.
 ColourPop eyeshadows: Desert, Bandit, Hustle, Mittens, Cheeky, Fantasy, Sour and Fizz - £8.00 each.
Usage shown.
MAC Electric Cool Eyeshadows 'Love Power (sold), Highly Charged, Fashion Circuit, Infra-Violet, Brilliantly Lit' - Selling for £8.00 each.
Mac Extra Dimension Eyeshadows, set size not full size 'Divine Blue & Stylishly Merry' - Selling for £8.00 each.
All swatched once.
Sigma Eyeshadow Bases 'Composed, Awake, Neutralize'
Sigma Shimmer Creams 'Brilliant & Superb' (first & second on middle row)
Sigma Lose the Halo Lip Concealer (last one middle row)
Sigma Duo Highlighter 'Ray of Light' - Selling for £3.50.
Sigma Ambrosia Loose Shimmer - Selling for £3.50.
Swatched once.
Clarins Ombre Mattes 'Aquatic Rose, Sparkle Grey, Heather' - RRP £19.00 - Selling for £10.00 each.
All swatched once.
Bellapiere Pigments 'Ocean, Refined, Ha Ha' - Selling for £2.00 each.
Makeup Revolution Pigmnets - Selling all for £1.00.
Glo Minerals 'Amethyst' Trio - Selling for £2.00.
All swatched once.
Body Shop Baked Eye Colour 'Quartz, Copper, Starlight, Moonstone' - Selling for £3.00 each.
Body Shop Matte Colour Crush Eyeshadows 'Chat Up Lime, Lavender Love, Berry Cute' - Selling for £1.50 each.
All new or swatched once.
BareMinerals full size pots "Muse & Santorini' - Selling for £3.50 each.
BareMinerals small pot "Dazzling' - Selling for £2.00.
Loreal Infallible 'Purple Obsession' - Selling for £2.00.
All new or swatched once.
Stila Tie Dye Eyeshadows 'Lyric & Light Shower' £5.00 each.
Body Shop Shimmer Cubes '06' - RRP £16.00 - Selling for £8.00.
Inglot Rainbow Refill (bottom left corner has a slight chip) - Selling for £2.00.
KIKO Water Eyeshadow '204' - RRP £8.90 - Selling for £4.00.
Wet n Wild 'Three's a Party' Trio, Limited Edition, Sealed - Selling for £4.00.
All new or swatched once.
KIKO Cream Shadows only Plum available - Selling for £3.50 each.
Stila Magnificent Metals Eye Liners 'Metallic Navy & Metallic Black Tanzanite' - RRP £24.00 - Selling for £10.00 each.
MAC Pigments/Glitter only Neo-Orange available - RRP £16.00 - Selling for £9.00.
Urban Decay 'Beware' Eyeshadow 
All swatched once.
ColourPop blushers: Fruit Stand, Early Bird and Pegacorn - Selling for £10 each.
All swatched once.
ColourPop highlighter & blushers 'Double Dip (SOLD), Hysterical, Tongue Tied' - Selling for £10 each.
All new.
Clinique Cheek Pops 'Melon Pop, Berry Pop, Pink Pop' - RRP £17 - Selling for £9 each.
All swatched once.
Makeup Revolution Bronzer & Essence 'Sunkissed Beauty' - Selling for 50p each.
Etude House 'Rose Sugar Macaron' Blusher - Selling for £2.
Inika Mineral Makeup 'Rosy Glow'Blusher - Selling for £3.50.
W7 Heart Throb Blusher - Selling for £1.
All swatched once.
TOP ROW: L'Oreal Nude Blushers 'Old Rose, Nude Brown, Nude Pink' - SOLD
BOTTOM ROW:EX1 'Jet Set Glow' Blusher - Selling for £2.
Elizabeth Arden 'Honey' Cream Blusher - Selling for £9.
Artdeco Cream Blusher - Selling for £8.
BareMinerals 'Exquisite Radiance' - Selling for £3.50.
Swatched or new.
TOP ROW:Dainty Doll Blushers '2,1,4' - Selling for £2 each.
Makeup Revolution Anti Shine Balm - SOLD
BOTTOM ROW:Top Shop 'Neon Rose' Cream Blusher - Selling for £2.
Tarte 'Exposed' Blusher - SOLD
Top Shop 'Up In The Air' Cream Duo Blusher - Selling for £3.
All swatched or usage shown:
TOP ROW:Gosh Bronzing 'Pink' Shimmer - Selling for £3.
Too Faced 'Peach Beach' Sweethearts Blusher - RRP £24 - Selling for £15.
NYX 'Narcissistic' Illuminating Powder - SOLD
BOTTOM ROW:BareMinerals 'Translucent' Powder - RRP £16.50 - Selling for £7.
Body Shop Matte Bronzing Powder - RRP £13 - Selling for £6.
All swatched once.
TOP ROW: Clinique 'Snowflake' Dreams Powder -
Clinique 'Peony Blend' Powder - Selling for £10.
BOTTOM ROW:Clarins Cream Blushers 'Candy & Rosewood' - RRP £18.50 - Selling for £7 each.
All swatched once.
TOP ROW:RMK Colour Correction Face Powder - SOLD
CARGO 'Sunset Beach' Blush - RRP £20.00 - Selling for £9.
HD Brows Blusher - RRP £17 - Selling for £7.
BOTTOM ROW:Korres Bronzing Powder - RRP £13 - Selling for £6.
Korres 'Orange' Blusher - RRP £17.50 - Selling for £8.
All new or swatched once.
MAC Betty 'Cream Soda' ltd edition - SOLD
MAC 'Divine Desire & Margin' Blushers, not full size - SOLD
Urban Decay Kinky Blusher - RRP £19 - Selling for £12.
NARS Love Blusher
Charlotte Tilbury Gold Bar Highlighter - SOLD

Swatched once.
KIKO Matte Bronzing/Contour Powder, ltd edition 
Clarins Mineral Bronzing Duo '03 dark' - Selling for £12.
All new.
MAC Oval 3 Brush (second from top on the left) - Selling for £22.
Real Techniques Bold Metals Foundation Brush - Selling for £15.
Real Techniques Retractable Bronzer Kabuki Brushes - Selling for £9 each.
All swatched.
Sleek Face Form Palette 'Light' - Selling for £6.
Sleek 'See you at midnight' & 'Dancing Til Dusk' Eye & Cheek Palettes - Selling for £6 each.
Makeup Revolution 'Rave' & 'Golden Hot' Blush, Bronzer & Highlight Palettes
All swatched.
Clinique Nutcracker 'Sugar Plum' & Snowflake' Eye & Cheek Palettes - Selling for £18 each.
Clarins 'Rosewood' & 'Forrest' Palettes - Selling for £18 each.
All Swatched.
KIKO Baked Palette, ELF Eye Transformer Palette & Frontcover Baked Palette - Selling for £2 each or £5 for all.
All swatced.
TOP ROW:KIKO Reckless Spirit Eyeshadow Palette - Selling for £7.
L'Oreal Smoky Bronze Palette - Selling for £2.
BH Cosmetics 'Wild at Heart' Palette - Selling for £3.
BOTTOM ROW:W7 Bare It All Silky Eyes Palette - Selling for £1.
Essence Quattro Palette - Selling for £1.
All swatched.
TOP ROW:MAC Antonio Lopez 'Copper' Eyeshadow Palette - Selling for £22.
MAC Antonio Lopez 'Coral' Face Palette - Selling for £22.
NARS Guy Bourdin Eye, Lip & Cheek Palette - Selling for £23.
BOTTOM ROW:Bobbi Brown Smokey Brown Eye Palette - Selling for £10.
MAC Duo Palette 'Radial Pink' & 'Shadowy Lady' - Selling for £20.
Tarte Golden Days & Sultry Nights Palette - Selling for £8.
Eylure Get The Look Kit - Selling for £6.
BareMinerals The Magic Act Eye and Cheek Palette - Selling for £17.
Usage shown:
UD NYC Palette - Selling for £15.
UD Wooden Palette - Selling for £10.
NYX Glitter Palette - Selling for £6.
All swatched or new:
MAXFACTOR Correctors: Selling for £5 each or £18 for all.
KIKO Highlighter and Bronzer Duo
YSL Volume Effect Mascara

All £3.00 each - Thickening Hairspray SOLD
Samples or new.
Body Shop Sparkle Dust - Selling for £8.
MAC Black & White Body & Face Acrylics - £10 each or both for £18.
Bobbie Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil - Selling for £3.50.
Bareminerals Prime Time - Selling for £3.50.
NYX White Eyeshadow Base - SOLD
Bellapiere Eyeshadow base - Selling for £3.
UD Primer Potion Sachet Samples - Selling for £3.
BD Secrets Foundations - SOLD
Bioderma - SOLD
Selling for £3.50 each.


  1. Hiya, just wondering if this blog sale is current? Thanks :) x

    1. a few items need updating as sold but yes it is mainly up-to-date. Please email for any further enquiries x

  2. Hi do you still have the dose of colours kiss of fire? x

    1. Yes still available please email x

    2. I'm sending you an email xxx

  3. Have you still got the kiko glowing potion!?! And the kiko highlighter bronzer sticks? If so what shade are they :)

  4. I've sent an email to you :) xx

  5. Is this blog sale still on?

  6. Is the glitter mac pigment not for sale?

  7. Is the glitter mac pigment not for sale?


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