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About Me

I am British beauty blogger who started her journey of blogging to fight the depression deamons I gained through my pregnancy. 
Blogging has since become a hobby and something which I love having a part of me.

On a daily basis I ramble on about product reviews, the odd lifestyle posts, OOTD/MOTD posts and everything in-between.

I am also a MUA and self confessed makeup addict.

I hope you enjoy reading Diary Of A Makeup Geek. 


  1. I would love to do makeup like you do one day <3 you are very inspirational
    Lots of love

  2. Aqeela, you left me your link on twitter and I am just paying your blog a visit :) I love your blog design! It is very unique and colorful. I am going to pop on over to your YouTube channel now!
    Take care,


  3. Glad I found your blog you do such amazing makeup!!!!

  4. omg you are so pretty I wish I could look like you


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