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Friday, 3 August 2018

New Release | MAC Fix+ Matte | Review

So the weather has been crazy warm right some of us even gave up wearing makeup and then some like me didn't (insert laughing emoji) anyway something what most women struggle with has to be an oily t-zone and I'm no exception from this equation other than the fact I now stick with a matte foundation and powder well I'm somewhat lazy and also don't have the time to carry a makeup bag with me as my hands are constantly juggling kids.

I've been routing for MAC to release the Fix+ Matte which had been mentioned for a few months, I mean theres countless products to help achieve that beautiful dewy finish but what about those of us who end up with a face oily enough you can cook an egg on (MASSIVE LOL)! 

About a month or so ago this beauty was released although theres been some mixed reviews on this I decided to try it for myself. So in terms of packaging its like the ordinary Fix+ however the product inside once shaken goes into a cloudy oily colour. I read some mention it leaves white dots and this is basically because its messing with whats already on the face so when I spritz my face with this I then pat it away with a brush. Does this work I hear you ask - yes, YES it does! I first tried it at the end of the day when my foundation hadn't held up the best in the heat and I saw a HUGE difference and from then til now its not let me down, I find it much easier than constantly layering my face up with powder and having my face looking caked not only that but this gives the same effect as when you've freshly powdered and holds up pretty well not to forget cools the face down too! When I'm now asked for a product to help makeup last in the heat it has to be the MAC Fix+ Matte for sure!


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