Monday, 26 February 2018

New Release | Lime Crime Venus XL Palette | Review/Swatches

I happened to stumble across this beauty, since owning the first Lime Crime Venus Palette (see review here) which I absolutely love! I decided the pinks and purples in this palette were just calling out my name and had to purchase it! I received it late end of last week so delivery was pretty quick. Unlike the previous two from the Venus family this is a XL palette which comes with a total of 18 shadows with a good mixture of textures.

Just at the start of last week I depotted my Lime Crime Venus Palette as it was just too bulky to carry around for the sake of 8 eyeshadows so as much as I loved it, it just sat around so now Im hoping to get a hell of a lot more out of the shades. This palette however is considerably slimmer than the first one, although still a tad bulky but I can cope with that. The outer packaging they've kept the same theme going but with more of a pink theme to it, inner packaging is a foiled gold. The palette comes with a decent sized mirror.

Although I have countless amounts of reds, pinks and purples this palette definitely offers more than just the average shades, with burnt and deep shades, mattes, shimmer, glittery shades and shimmers. The only thing I feel like this palette lacks is a highlighter shade, I feel a duo chrome white/pink would've worked amazingly and fitted the colour scheme. The two eyeshadows I didn't get a decent swatch from and felt weren't as buttery as the others were the 2nd and 3rd shade on the last row however they may prove me wrong when used with a brush that aside I definitely don't feel disappointed in getting this palette though I really didn't need another palette!


  1. These colours look stunning but I do agree it's sorely lacking a highlight shade! xx


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