Monday, 5 February 2018

New Release | Kylie Cosmetics Lipsticks | Review/Swatches

It feels like a damn accomplishment publishing back on my post, its been a hell of a whirlwind over here! Aussie flu, ill health, ill kids, hectic life amongst all that has been a crazy person of lots of deliveries whilst my heart cried at wanting to blog my body just could not physically do it however to make it all worthwhile let me hit you up with this review!

Kylie cosmetics launched their lipstick range going back a few months now, initially it took the third restock til I was able to get my hands on them as each time they were blimmin' selling out like hot cakes! lets have a little look of the low down about how Kylie describes these -

The Kylie Cosmetics Crème Lipstick is a smooth and creamy formula that provides full coverage for an ultra-pigmented lip. The hydrating crème lipstick is available in a range of beautiful, wearable shades and gives a creamy satin finish that gently glides onto the lips. Wear alone or pair with your favorite gloss for a high shine finish.

When I saw launch images for these, I was thinking nah these pictures have been edited to perfection not that it held me back from ordering, ordering as many as I possibly could! I managed to nab 16 shades which I was rather chuffed with myself about.

Housed in simple slightly chunky bullets, each lipstick has Kylie engraved onto the actual product along with 'Kylie Jenner' circled onto the outer packaging. These carry the same scent as Kylie's liquid matte lipsticks which I personally don't mind at all. So in terms of packaging I feel the twisty up mechanism could've been SLIGHTLY smoother but that aside I quite like it. If I was to describe these in a few words it would be rich, smooth and creamy! Above are all one swipe swatches and that in itself speaks about the pigmentation! I initially didn't think I was going to be blown by these but let me tell you I am! When I swatched the first lipstick I was like dayyyyym, these carry some insane pigmentation and they're mega creamy and easy to swatch! I now have a mission to order the rest!

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