Wednesday, 17 January 2018

New Release | Tarte Cosmetics Chrome Paint Shadow Pots | Review/Swatches

I received these little pots of super dazzling metallic powders a few week backs. Housed in small glass jars with beautiful rose gold lids. There is a total of six Tarte Cosmetics Chrome Paint Shadow Pots this remind me of limited edition MAC Metallic Loose Pigments that I also own.

The beautiful pigments are made up of '80% pure pearl pigments' Tarte also mention these are best used with your fingers however you can dampen your brush slightly and these would work just as well, it is recommended that if you choose to dampen your brush then to do so with Tarte Ready Set Radiant which I will be reviewing soon.

I love how sturdy the little glass pots are, the lids tighten securely so you won't really have the hassle of worrying if they will come loose leaving you with pigment in your bag or kit. The reason these work well with fingers are because our fingers have moisture to them, so if like me you don't like using your fingers you just need to dampen your brush so these grasp to the brush and work just as well. Although I did some random swatches above I did sit h=and have a play with these, let me just say two words 'insanely pigmented'! They're super pigmented and once laid on the skin they do not budge! I generally love the shades I've got and can't think of any negative criticism the only thing I would say is if you're not familiar with texture of pigments like these you need to have a play around and see what works best for you!


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