Tuesday, 9 January 2018

New Release | Jeffree Star 24 Karat Pro Palette | Review/Swatches

So the holiday and new year period is officially over, kids are back at school which makes it even more of a final thing and we all swing back into our routines. Todays review is on the Jeffree Star 24 Karat Pro Palette which I was lucky enough to get my hands on as it sold out not long after releasing.
I did try to search up whether it is a limited edition palette or not, I scooped his website description for this palette too and there was no mention on there either.

The palette comes in gold embossed packaging, following the name and theme of the palette I guess, it also has a fairly decent sized mirror which is always a bonus with palettes. On his website under the description it states 'this product has a unique soft buttery formula, making it delicate so handle with care!' I have to agree his highlighters do have a very soft buttery feel to them, though the ones I own anyway are uber pigmented. I personally didn't get on with the Manny MUA Eclipse Skin Frost but other than that the highlighters are one thing I am super impressed with.

I did find the texture on some of the shades in this palette were even softer, very much comparable to JS Ice Cold Skin Frost. They picked up pretty well and swatched just as well. My only thing is I'm not sure personally if I could get away with wearing a few of the shades as highlighters, I guess I'd have to use them as shimmer blushers or paired over blushers. So that being said it isn't actually anything wrong with the palette itself but more of a case of personal preference.

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