Friday, 12 January 2018

Limited Edition | Kylie Cosmetics Holiday 2017 Collection | Review/Swatches

This is one quick post not because I'm rushing off anywhere but simply because I just wanted to share pictures and swatches with you all! You all generally know my thoughts on Kylie by now. I've been buying her products since the day she launched, every time I deal with the shitty customer service simply for her products.

I have to point out I was massively blown away by her eyeshadow palettes, I love the mix and choice of colours in both of them, there is some super unique shades in both of them along with some usual shades. I was on two minds about them whilst I waited but when I swatched them I was like 'oh hey you ain' going nowhere'!

I like the way she's split this collection with lighter, softer shades and nudes and then the opposites, in fact I love the concept! Anyways so I'll leave this here, hope you find the pictures and swatches helpful.

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