Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Brand Introduction | Melkior Eyeshadows | Review/Swatches

Ok, breathe Aqeela (slowly inhales and exhales) I may have a little confession to make to myself more than my readers. I appreciate all the love and loyalty you all give me but I think its time to hold my hands up and admit life is too hectic. I keep going MIA and as much as my blog is my little happy place, I'm doing so much more now around makeup i.e. live streams, makeovers and initially wanting to get back into youtube'in regularly. Good news I'm not going anywhere, I will be posting and my blog will keep getting updated probably just a little spaced out.

Right let me introduce you to this brand which is fairly new (in the UK anyway) but has become popular VERY fast, literally! It can be somewhat difficult to find a combination of having the option to build your own palette with good pigmented shadows and hey I remember way back when I first started playing with makeup til the last year or so girls didn't want bright colours as casually as they do now! I LOVE bright eyeshadows, they make me happy in a way no other eyeshadows do lol.

The brand Melkior is a little bit more comfortably available to us in the UK now, with no customs charges and generally a two day shipping process even through the busy xmas/holiday period I was impressed. I made three orders, as shades became available, I also got their custom palettes; one which fits 24 and the other which fits 12. These work out cheaper than Z Palettes, they're much slimmer than Z palettes too and the one thing I like is the fact that the clear part on the lid isn't plastic (I keep breaking them on my Z Palettes) its a very thick, stretched out, flexible plastic.

Although I've only really swatched the shades or used a couple of them I don't think I'm in a position to have an opinion as to how they are, however going by swatches and what I've tried so far. I found they picked up well, some shades are more buttery than others however pigmentation is brilliant. There is just a couple of shade that didn't pick as well as all the others Autumn Sunset didn't swatch as amazingly as the others and Black Velvet feels so smooth to touch its almost difficult to tell whether you're swatching it or not BUT it seemed quite patchy and took me a few attempts to get a decent swatch, HOWEVER these may both pick up better with brushes. Overall for just under £4 per eyeshadow, double the pan size of MAC's pans I honestly think they're amazing value for money, I love the variety of shades available and pigmentation along with texture on almost all of them has been mind blowing so far.

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