Friday, 22 December 2017

Limited Edition | MAC Patrickstarrr Collection | Review/Swatches

I nearly missed this collection of MAC Patrickstarrr well I did so I had to head over to Lookfantastic and was lucky enough to pick these items up, they still have some items still in stock. I noticed the powder was first to sell out but I wasn't too bothered.

I only picked up a couple of the items as the collection wasn't that big anyway, I decided to get the MAC Patrickstarrr Mamastarrr lipstick and Brick lip liner. Mamastarrr looks so different to the pictures advertised on MAC's website I expected it to be more of a coral pink type shade however they've described it as a 'reddish brown' I'd say its a warm brown shade. Personally I don't mind as it works really well for me, specially in winter I'm swinging more towards warm lipstick shades. I will be pairing this up with the Brick lip liner I think it will create a beautiful combination.

I also quite like the packaging they've gone for as I think it reflects Patrick Star pretty well, housed with a silver lid, the main packaging is white with Patricks' signature in holographic font. I also love the fact they created a couple of shades away from what they usually create per collection. Th one thing I found annoying is they haven't described what texture/range each shade is on the website.


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