Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Skin Care | Lucidlure | Review

I thought it was time I threw in this review as I haven't really done many skin care related posts though in the background I have been trying blots of new products for skin care. Since having my youngest my skin, hair and general health have been on one hell of a roller coaster.

Not long after having baby I introduced Lucidlure skin care and hair care into my routine. Lucidlure is a brand that uses only raw, cold pressed and organic products and has literally no other nasties or chemicals involved in all their products - this is a huge factor when it comes to skin and hair care!

Lets touch on the hair situation first; having a new born means hair loss, but two pregnancies and births just a tad over a year apart left me with emotionally painful bald patches, severe hair loss which was more than noticeable to those around me as it got to a point where my scale was starting to show. I already knew the score with hair care and well in advance had started using hair oils etc but nothing seemed to have been helping and then came the Lucidlure Allava Conditioning Hair Treatment I started using this regularly applying amongst my hair oils. I noticed at point of applying it was rather soothingly cooling to my scalp, I left it on for a few hours each time. To my shock and surprise I noticed regrowth - I'm talking in bunches - yes I had alfalfa like hair bunches sticking up when I'd tied my hair up but damn it I was so happy - come on something was bloody working! A hell of a few months on and the regrowth is steadily growing so for that I cannot recommend this treatment enough!

I have also been loving the Emuan Deep Cleansing Oil paired with Dovulant Argan Exfoliante, combining these two together creates an amazing gentle face scrub, I use these each night to remove face makeup, my skin is left felling nourished and clean, free from any excess makeup which can often get left over when removing makeup with cotton pads and wipes. What I love about Lucidlure is that the skin care products are so versatile for example the Emuan Deep Cleansing Oil can be used as a overnight deep treatment of when your skin is lacking moisture!

Finally the Surta Rose Toner again a very versatile product with so many good factors! I use this more so now the weather has got colder my skin has gone from a oily mess to a dried and flakey mess. I use this on a night once I've removed my makeup but also in the morning as a setting spray when I've applied my makeup!

I honestly cannot recommend Lucidlure products enough be sure to have a nosey for yourself on their website - http://www.lucidlure.co.uk

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