Monday, 23 October 2017

Limited Edition | Urban Decay Heavy Metals Palette | Review/Swatches

When it came to getting this palette I was initially going to get the Fenty Galaxy Palette, then the bomb dropped and sneak peaks of this palette were thrown into the water works, so my little mind couldn't cope. Once both had launched I did a bit of nosing around had a look at swatches and if I'm honest I wasn't overly blown by the swatches of the Fenty palette which no doubt is beautiful but with the release of both of these palettes around the same time I decided to go with the Urban Decay Heavy Metals Palette.

There was a few images around of the UD Heavy Metals palette but non actually showing the packaging of how the palette goes together - meaning what type of lid it had. They kept the outer packaging quotes simple with waves/grooves. The actual eyeshadow tray slats into the middle of the outer packaging, there is only one way it slides in and then has two stoppers preventing it slipping out of the other end. I have to admit I do like this unique concept, I also find the packaging on a whole has a luxurious feel to to the tinted mirrored packaging, however it is one which will catch finger prints but I prefer that as they can be easily cleaned as opposed to matte packaging. The eyeshadow tray itself features 20 shades; 10 brights on the left, 10 neutrals on the right and a mirror in the middle. All 20 shades are Urban Decay's most amp'd up eyeshadows, yet all are new and exclusive to this palette.

What sets Heavy Metals apart? UD developed a whole new eyeshadow formula for this palette—they bumped up the foiled effect to create their most metallic shadows ever. The formula was carefully crafted on every shade to make sure each one would apply with a soft and creamy texture and create intense, shiny metallic effects. Every shade has a velvety feel for the perfect application, provides insane colour payoff and blends like a dream.

I will keep my opinion on the palette short and sweet - I LOVE IT! From the packaging to the shades, textures and pay off, I fell in love over and over as I was swatching the shades. Personally my only niggle is the palette if it is not pushed in properly and locked it can slide back out, if I was to hold the tray and apply my eyeshadow using the mirror provided I would have to be careful not to catch the eyeshadows with my fingers. That aside I honestly think Urban Decay have done an amazing job with this palette and I'm so glad I got this over the Fenty Galaxy palette.

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