Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Holiday Collection | Tarte Cosmetics Holiday 2017 Collection | Review

Holiday season in the beauty world is upon us so many brand new, limited edition, hot releases all over its almost as if its a firework display theres that many new releases coming out or in the pipeline! Tarte as usual never fail to amaze with their collection specially around Holiday season.

So Tarte Cosmetics Holiday Collection 2017 is all about the mosaic tile print packaging, which almost gives it a middle eastern touch. With hues of pinks, purples, blues and oranges flying through the theme of all the packaging. We already had a taster of what the packaging was going to look like when they released this years Big Blush Book. Its no secret that I am a big fan of Tarte as a whole, specially their blushers, liners, lip paints, concealer and practically everything lol!

As usual they've released limited edition palette's two of which are collector style palettes, both have blushers, liners, mascaras, lip paints, mascaras and much more, the way they have set the folds and packaging out for these palettes are just breath taking and unique.

They've also launched a blusher palette which comes with 8 blushers and two highlighters, now although these aren't full size believe me these will last a hell of a long time, I am still using the one from last years collection on a daily basis although it is very much loved the imprint in the packaging is still there so when I say a little goes a long way, trust me it does! For the fact I loved the one I got last year, I had to get my hands on this years. The palette itself is a bit bigger than palm size so very travel friendly.

I already have a few of the Tarte Metallic Glitter Liners I had to get this cute trio, I have these in my kit and they really are brilliant. The idea is to use the metallic liner and then the glitter over the top or each on their own, pay off with these are really good, I love using them on clients when doing a double liner.

Finally a bedazzled gold lipgloss which has stunning flecks of pink shimmer running through it which would look stunning over the holiday period as it would really warm up with the festive season! Did you pick anything up or do you have your eyes set on anything from this collection, I'd love to know so please do leave me a comment below.


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