Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Limited Edition | MAC Nicki Minaj Collection | Review/Swatches

When I initially show images of this collection I will be 100% honest I wasn't too bothered, I think the vibe of 'I must get that..' when MAC would release images for limited edition launches have worn off. I've said this for a couple of years I believe the whole MAC craze has really wore off.

As always the one thing I have been a sucker for is packaging be it MAC or any other brand as I am definitely more of a collector. However over time I kept seeing swatches of these two lipsticks specifically which are beautifully colour  coordinated with the shade of lipstick, why MAC don't do this for all their lipsticks and make life easier for us I do not know. Anyway the swatches really appealed to me so I decided to get them. As they're limited edition there was no pro discount applicable.

The outer bullets also have Nicki's signature on them. Both lipsticks are from the amplified range in two different hues of pink, 'The Pinkprint' described as a mid tone creamy pink which appears more of a soft toned baby mink on medium skin tones and 'Nicki's Nude' is described as a soft corally pink appears more of a warm coral pink against my skin tone.

I am happy to see nudes with a bit more colour to them because these work perfect as nudes on skin tones like mine without making us look washed out. I have been wearing both over the last few days with a darker lip liner and I may have to admit I quite liked the texture on my lips specially with the weather getting colder, they lasted surprisingly longer than I expected. Unfortunately both are now sold out.

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