Friday, 8 September 2017

Limited Edition | Kylie Cosmetics Full Birthday Collection | Review/Swatches (PIC HEAVY)

Wow now that you've made it past all the pictures I guess you can understand why its took me so long to get this review up lol! The fact there was so many pics to take and sort through along with I was exhausted just looking at them (oops). I think people underestimate exactly what goes into blogging but here goes ...

So this time I got the full collection for once I actually liked the look of EVERYTHING. However I'm still having the issue with Kylie cosmetics not updating me that my order is recieved or even shipped to the point I have to chase for two weeks before I get anywhere, this is the case EVERYTIME these days (angry face) its not on when your order is of any amount never mind such a high amount. I also received a broken palette and they emailed me back telling me its a one off courtesy thing that they'll replace it for me .. hello .. hang on a minute .. I was not taking that, I have paid hard earned money so if it comes through broken (I don't care what your policy is) I EXPECT a replacement! I am contemplating even wanting to order from them again as the customer service sucks sort it out KYLIE!

Anyway I'm going to keep this review short and sweet - my most favourite product? The 'Twenty' Lip Kit by far, I have been wearing the hell out of it the shade is the perfect browny pink. I also LOVE the 'King' & 'Queen" highlighters they are bloody mind glowingly popping, however 'Queen' has large glitter particles in it whereas 'King' is just pure shimmer. I also feel like they have really up'd their game with the eyeshadows there seems to be something different about the texture and pigmentation though if I'm honest the powder blushers still need improving! Finally I feel like they need to add some sort of presentation box for those that order the full bundle because simply shoving it all into the makeup bag (which is deceivingly spacious) for the prices we pay we deserve something a little bit extra I'm sure Kylie can afford that maybe its a case of putting the time and effort in.

Right I'm signing out I hope you enjoyed having a look at my pictures and listening to my rant.

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