Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Brand Introduction | Jouer Cosmetics | ReviewSwatches

I have to admit I'm relatively late trying Jouer Cosmetics infamous highlighters and if I'm honest I'm not sure whats held me back as all I've seen is positive reviews on them. I've also seen Nikki Tutorials using the lip cremes time and time again and thought 'ooh I need to try those' but never really got round to it.

I few months back when they released the Rose Gold collection I decided to place an order. I picked up the Rose Gold Highlighter along with their ever so hyped Citrine Highlighter. Housed in mirrored packaging which looks stunning to the eye its needless to say they catch every finger print possible (huge sigh) its a shame because mirrored packaging has that really luxurious feel to it. Inside the compacts come with a mirror, you get a fairly decent amount of product and the packaging is as sturdy as it can be really. I've heard since from many different people that these highlighters have a tendency of smashing very, very easily which is why I daren't put them in my kit. I'm guessing its down to the soft texture and how they're pressed for why they smash so easy though one of mine smashed in the post on its way to me (they sent me a replacement). However the actual highlighters I have to admit are amongst the most insanely pigmented highlighters I have tried to date, they can be worn subtle but really don't require any effort at all to get a intense pay off in the first go! I've since then also got the Rose Quartz too. I really think they need to have something in place to stop them smashing as that can very easily put many people off.

Finally I picked up the Orchid Lip Creme as I started to wear away from nudes and warm shades, recently I have a thing for cool and pink tones, this is described as a 'cool rose pink' and I guess I'd say its exactly that. I personally love the shade, its different from what I already have. I find they have a fair few different types of formulas which made it a little confusing for me when it came to choosing though they don't so much have many pinks in their ranges. For me I did find this wore faster than other matte lipsticks and I also felt it left my lips pretty dry whereas I'm usually ok with almost all liquid matte lipsticks. Its a shame as I really like this lip colour but my lips feel like sand paper towards the end of the day, that based on the price tag these carry I don't think I will be ordering anymore in a hurry.

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