Thursday, 24 August 2017

New Release | Urban Decay Naked Heat | Review/Swatches

I have been crazily MIA and each time life gets hectic its always my blog which is affected the most as always I do apologise. Anyways going back 15 years I remember when it was so difficult to find eyeshadow palettes the best you got was quads but not with Urban Decay they have always been my go to for palettes. In all honesty the pricing hasn't gone up much considering its 15 years down the line. Then Urban Decay launched their Naked palettes collection I personally had them all and then over the years palettes have also become openly available so much so each brand is trying to up their game. I eventually gave my Naked palettes away as I had so many alternatives and I just wasn't reaching for them until Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette  (see my review here) came out Urban Decay must have changed their formulas because without looking into it I noticed a huge difference in the formula and pigmentation.

When I saw the release of the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette I was so tempted to buy it but then the fact that I never used my previous Naked Palettes just put me off. Eventually I kept seeing raving reviews that I caved in. So the colour scheme in this palette is based around burnt oranges, reds, browns, and some nudes which ties in with the name Naked Heat. The packaging and size of the palette is the same size as the previous Naked palettes.

Down to the main part - my thoughts. I already mentioned Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics palette really impressed me in terms of pigmentation and formula, I have to admit its the same with this palette, Urban Decay really have up'd their game with this palette too, I found whilst I was swatching the shades just glided onto my fingers to the point I only needed a little pressure to be able to get satisfying swatches. Overall I am very impressed with the results from this palette.

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