Thursday, 31 August 2017

Limited Edition | Tarte Big Blush Book 3 | Review/Swatches

 Its that time of the year again where Tarte have kept the Big Blush Book going, this year reveals the Tarte Big Blush Book 3, I've noticed a lot of traffic on my blog where people are having a read of the Tarte Big Blush Book 2 review from last year, which you can see here. Todays review was going to be on the Kylie 2nd Anniversary collection but I decided to bump this one to the top.

As you'll all have read in many of my previous posts I haven't been doing many reviews as life has been hectic so I haven't really full been in the loop about new releases it happens I went onto the Tarte website to order a few essentials and I saw they had released the Tarte Big Blush Book 3 for this year so I decided to snap it up!

This years packaging is based around the inspiration for their Holiday 2017 collection, consisting of a stunning mosaic tile print on the top, once opened it is the same as the previous years Blush Book. Inside you get 7 full size blushers of different finishes and one highlighter for once I'm glad to see they've released a lighter shade highlighter which I think would suit most skin tones. The base of the palette is magnetic so when a blusher runs out you can easily replace with another though I think it'll be a long time before you need to do this as its a case of a little goes a long way with these, my previous years Big Blush Book has been loved and used throughout the year and most of the blushers still have some of the imprinted detailing.

As I said in my previous post the blushers don't pick up so well when it comes to swatching using fingers but its a whole different story when you use them with brushes. I absolutely loved last years Blush Book so I didn't even have a second thought when it came to snapping this years up. Besides the value for money of what you're getting amazing, if I remember right you're getting over £100 value for more than half the price!

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