Wednesday, 26 July 2017

New Release | Violet Voss X Nicol Concilio Palette | Review/Swatches

Damn crazy wedding season has started and my brothers wedding is also fast approaching yet so many new crazy releases are happening, its almost as if I'm juggling far more than I can handle these days which only means my blog is facing the back lash of and yes my readers will be fed up of hearing about me going on and on about my crazy yet hectic life but I have to take things slower. I will keep reviewing as much as I possibly can!

So the Violet Voss X Nicol Concilio palette I hadn't even caught any pre releases about now I don't know if its because I've been hectic or there just hasn't been much goss about it along with the all matte eyeshadow palette they've launched but as soon as I saw the launch I decided to get it specifically for the shimmers and foils in this palette. So the packaging lets start with that, it features their holographic theme with polka dots to add some personality I'm guessing from Nicol Concilio, a decent sized mirror, sturdy cardboard packaging like their existing palettes and a white base where the eyeshadows sit. I love the holographic thing they've ruled in amongst all their palettes though I prefer the slimmer design. The palette features 20 shades of mattes, metals, shimmers and duo chromes. The black in this palette has tiny specks of shimmer which aren't so noticeable once on the lids and then not to forget the eyeshadows are infused with Jojoba Oil.

Although I probably didn't need half of this palette because nearly every palette now contains orange and burnt orange shades to the point where I've lost count. For me those last two rows seriously had me pulled in, I didn't even pay attention to those first two shades which are more duo chrome based. I also noticed the second to last row is mainly foiled/metals which I absolutely love! They've also thrown in a couple of gold shades again you can never have too many golds! The blue had a weird moist feel to it however swatched beautifully but I'm not so sure how well it'd pick up with a brush!

I didn't get the matte palette as I didn't feel like I was missing any of those shades, as much as I love Violet Voss I just feel like some of their palettes contain some repetitive shades.


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