Thursday, 22 June 2017

New Release | Kylie Cosmetics KKW X Kylie Creme Lipstick Set | Review/Swatches

So this review has took longer to be uploaded than I had wished for, I can't even stress how much I have to review yet just not finding the time as I'm constantly exhausted! As usual better late than never and all that LOL! Since the launch of this Kylie Cosmetics KKW X Kylie Creme Lipstick Set so much has happened in the Kardashian's beauty world! Kylie launched a massive new collection and if that wasn't enough Kim Kardashian has started her own makeup line starting off with highlight and contour sticks and she also restocked this creme liquid lipstick set too!

Lets talk about this set, so it was the first collaboration between Kylie and Kim, Kylie launched this as a part of her makeup line and then Kim relaunched it amongst her own new makeup line, rather close together if you ask me I think they should've kept it exclusive to Kylie's collection for a little longer. Anyway as usual Kylie and her limited edition launches never fail when it comes to packaging thats for sure! The sisters kept the nude theme running even through the packaging, the lipsticks themselves are frosted matte, with nude lids.

I have to say I quite like the concept of these creme lipsticks, they do however feel like a really pigmented gloss. The one thing I am pleased with is there is no sticky or tacky like feel to these. Typically these don't last as long as normal lipsticks. Once on the lips these felt very comfortable, when worn they didn't actually leave my lips feeling dried out. I would have liked to see some deeper shades because if I don't pair most of the shades with a lip liner I can look quite washed out. I also would've like to have seen a more pink toned lipstick in there as I feel they're all  mostly warm shades. Generally though I am quite pleased with them they do exactly what they're designed to do!

I have ordered the two new nude lip sets from Kylie's most recent launch so I am quite excited for those to arrive!

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