Friday, 5 May 2017

New Release | Kylie Cosmetics Velvet Lip Kits | Review/Swatches

A few weeks ago I ordered the four new lip kits with a new finish compared to what Kylie Cosmetics already have to offer. So they extended their range with the Kylie Cosmetics Velvet Lip Kits. I decided to get all four shades in the spur of the moment not as if it would've taken much convincing me as I have been spending like crazy on makeup again (ooops).

These come in the same packaging as their Liquid Matte Lip Kits, with a lipstick and matching lip liner in each kit, the lip liners have the same consistency as the rest of them. The only thing different is the actual lipsticks they come in 'Velvet' texture which I initially thought would be like a creamy matte but I was pleasantly surprised the texture is fairly runny very similar to the liquid matte lipsticks except these are more semi matte, however they do feel creamy on the lips and do wear down a fair bit but leave a behind a opaque stain.

If you suffer with dry lips and liquid matte lipsticks don't help with the dry factor then yes these would be an alternative. I'm still not 100% on them and thats only simply because I love liquid matte lipsticks. I do wish they released a soft pink as I have a thing for pink at the moment, I'm generally turning away from warm or brown shades. I notice Rosie is pink but its far too deep for the kind of shade I want, in comparison to Posie it is a much deeper berry pink. The shade 'Charm' is identical to the shade 'Koko' as I compared the two against each other. The one niggle I do have is once these have worn down I do feel like they make my lips feel drier even more than what a average liquid matte lipstick would now I'm not too sure if thats just my lips being funny or if its something with the texture.

I have also ordered the Kim K collaboration set so keep an eye out for my review on that, when it actually arrives as I still haven't had any shipping info sent through to me - thats one thing they really need to work on getting orders posted out sooner without it having to be a two week wait from when orders are placed!

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