Tuesday, 23 May 2017

New Release | Kylie Cosmetics Kylighters | Review/Swatches

When Kylie first announced she will be launching highlighters I had huge expectations but then I am very specific what type of texture I prefer when it comes to highlighters, however I ordered from the second release that went live. I chose to get the lightest shades, I did ideally want French Vanilla (the palest shade) but that was sold out. As usual it took roughly 3 weeks before they landed with me due to customs etc.

So the highlighters themselves come in colour co-ordinated packaging with Kylie's logo on the front. I have to state the packaging is very sturdy and each compact comes with a mirror, both positive factors. She has a total of 6 shades to the range. Detailing on the actual product is her signature detailing that she has on her lip products too.

When it came to swatching the highlighters I have to say I was pretty disappointed, now I am very specific when it comes to texture, I prefer softer and buttery texture these are quite compressed in terms of texture. I actually struggled to get good swatches for me to take pictures and they took a fair bit of building up. In my opinion I expected much better for Kylie. Speaking of which these may pick up better with a brush but I haven't had the chance to try them with a brush although I won't be holding my breathe. Some of her other powder products are quite 'stiff' textured too i.e. her blushers in the Diary Palette she released which you can see my review on here. I do definitely believe she needs to work on the texture of her powder products. I will most likely wait a fair while before purchasing powder products from Kylie cos lets face it the custom charges along with shipping are crazy too take risks and hope for the best. I keep seeing all these pics with pippin' highlighter and they've used these Kylie highlighters so I will have a good play but for now and as a first impression I'm definitely not blown away!


  1. Great post, love the honesty. I havent bought anything from the Kylie range, I'm a big lover of highlighter so I can be picky when it comes to it. I think I'll try her lip products as they seem to be still quite popular! x



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