Tuesday, 16 May 2017

New Release | Eylure SS/17 Lashes Line Up | Review

Here's a quick post to give you a little insight into Eyelure SS/17 line up!

First up is a totally new range they've released which is their Luxe range, this range consists of 6 Mink Effect Lashes. I have two of the 6 styles both of which are what I'd say mid range in terms of fullness. I have to say these are the ones I've been rocking the most. They're very lightweight yet have the right amount of fullness, they feel very comfortable once applied.

Next up I got a couple from the Accents range these are designed for those that either want to add a little bit of drama to the outer lash, or you can double these up on top of normal lashes to add more depth. These would work perfectly for those who have hooded lids.

Finally I have two new pairs added to the Exaggerate range again I am all over these I love drama and I love lashes that make a statement. Without feeling too heavy or over the top these create the perfect amount of drama!


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