Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Limited Edition | MAC Fruity Juicy Collection | Review/Swatches (Pic Heavy)

Now that you've made it past nearly a dozen pics lets get onto the review. This was one of the most anticipated Spring collections by MAC and without a doubt its due to the funky and colourful packaging! I went a little crazy and ordered 95% of the products to this collection!

Lets start off with the MAC Fix + we all love a bit of Fix + in our lives and whether you needed a new top up or not the packaging was the perfect reason to get it because lets face it, its not like it was going to go to waste. The added benefit is it has a coconut scent!

They also released a couple of brushes including my favourite contouring brush which is the MAC 125 Split Fibre Brush but I already have this from a previous palette though I have to add it is my holy grail contouring brush. So I decided to get the MAC 126 Split Fibre Brush to add to my kit for under eye powder setting however I found its way too soft as I prefer a dense brush to really press the setting powder in and to get it to bond with the under eye liquid concealer/foundation.

Next up was the MAC Fruity Juicy Pearlmatte Face Powder - now I am always lost with what exactly to use their Pearlmattes that they release exclusively with collections. Due to my skin tone they're never really nor here nor there for me, not as a highlighter, not as a blush and nor as a face powder. Though they're designed as a multi use face powder neither seem to work for me, I purely bought this as it looked too pretty.

Then we have the eyeshadow palettes (first one I reviewed is MAC Fruity Juicy Fruit A La La palette and the second is MAC Fruity Juicy Oh My Banana). Firstly both have a pretty selection of colours without a doubt, eye catching and not as bright as they appear in pan when they're applied. The only negative I have to say about these is that some shades took a bit of building up to get a good swatch nothing crazy though. The packaging is surprisingly VERY sturdy, it comes with a little pop button which you press to open the compact, so one things for sure they've definitely got the packaging on point with this collection.

Finally my favourite items to this collection have to be the MAC Fruity Juicy Lipsticks, I generally thing I have a weakness for collecting their lipsticks from limited edition collections. However I am happy to see a different selection the usual shades they have in their limited edition collections. Its always a shade of red and pink - it got to the point it became so repetitive it was as if they couldn't be bothered to produce new unique shades so they'd through a red and pink in just to be safe and so their collections look complete. So yeh when I say I was happy to see something different I guess you kinda feel my vibe why!

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