Friday, 28 April 2017

Limited Edition | Tarte Make Believe In Yourself Eye & Cheek Palette | Review/Swatches

'Kaleidoscopic, unicorn-inspired eyeshadow palette with 10 luminous shadows & a strobing eye & cheek highlighter to bring your fairytale dreams to life'

So I've been taking a long and well needed break as life got a bit much with makeup along with 3 kids, a house move and followed my brothers wedding. I never really made an announcement but for my regular and loyal followers I am deeply sorry it was unexpected life got a bit overwhelming. Things will be slightly slower in terms of blogging but don't worry I'm still around and have so much to share!

Lets start with this limited edition Tarte Make Believe In Yourself Eye & Cheek Palette which is inspired by unicorns and, the palette is packed with so much I for one am glad I've got my hands on it. The outer packaging is a cross of prismatic and cloudy designs with a colour theme of blues, pinks, purples, whites and a base colour of gold. Within the palette you get a total of 10 eyeshadows and a highlighter which I am guessing is designed to be used on the eyes and cheeks. The eyeshadow shades browns, bronzes, a gold, blues, purples and a couple of pastel shades, which I believe are somewhat coordinated with the theme they aimed for - unicorns!

I will be totally honest upon first sight albeit I thought its a pretty palette I was not prepared to be blown away like I was when I started swatting - I call this palette a silent but amazing one! With all different textures such as pressed pigments, glittery shades, a matte shade, duo chromes and even a duo chrome highlighter! With each eyeshadow I swatched I was just silently wow'ing to myself literally, actually I was that blown by this palette I jumped on to my fb live to show it off! The highlighter is almost like a flaky pressed pigment off white with a peach duo chrome, all i will say is I have been living in it ever since I have tried it, I own tonnes and tonnes of highlighters but not a single one is like this! For £35 you get so much within this one palette - so if you're looking for a magical palette this is the one!


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