Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Tarte Tarteist Duo Ended Liner & Tarteist Mascara | Review/Swatches

This review has been waiting one hell of a long time to happen! However those who are on my Facebook and watch my livestreams will already know about these products. Firstly I don't think there is a single thing I have tried from the Tarte Tarteist range that I haven't loved and these two are no exception.

The Tarte Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara comes in a simple black tube with gold printing following the same theme for all the Tarteist range. This has worked amazingly as it has a hell of a equal balance at lengthening as well as volumising. Its weird but I love a plastic wand because for me I find it doesn't clump my lashes together as I have a lot of lashes. A plastic wand works better for me because it is firmer than a bristle ended mascara and great for separation. I thought I loved the Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes until I tried this, although the LCL mascara is more of a volumising mascara I find I prefer this more as it separates my lashes really well making it easy for me to get a good amount of coating per lash.

Moving onto the Tarte Tarteist Double Take Eyeliner now where the hell do I start about this liner. Packaging again is following the same simple black packaging with gold printing. I personally aren't fond of liquid liners but recently have started using them on a daily basis as I have very little time getting ready around three little ones. I only ordered this along with the mascara simply because I wanted the stunning mirror which Tarte were giving away but I am ever so thankful I got it as it has converted me from using a gel liner to a liquid liner on an all time daily basis. On one side you get a twistable pencil liner which is definitely waterproof as claimed and the other side you get a liquid liner which I'd say is 95% waterproof. Both of them have phenomenal and I actually mean PHENOMENAL staying power, I have worn the liquid liner on for like 14hrs straight at one point and shown on live stream how well the liner was still doing. In fact I remember live streaming about this so much that a hell of a lot of my followers bought these and they literally sold out, every single person had the same amazing feedback! Lets not forget you get two liners in one, which comes in a sleek thin tube so no bulkiness which I often find you get with duo liners, I highly recommend this liner and believe me you will see exactly why!

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