Tuesday, 17 January 2017

New Release | Coloured Raine Queen Of Hearts Palette | Review/Swatches

Ok before you start reading my review lets just take a moment to admire this beauty! I put off buying the Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts palette for so damn long although I did initially say I was going to get it, I tried very hard to hold back it just didn't happen. Unlike the other popular palettes that are about at the moment this baby is based more around plums rather than burgundies. When BeautyBay first stocked these, they were available to everyone in the UK and some where lucky enough to get them, unfortunately not long after they marked it as not available for the UK so I had to go to crazy lengths to get mine.

The Queen of Hearts palette comes with a tribal print sleeve, once you pop the palette out the actual outer packaging of the palette is actually very simple matte black with foiled gold Coloured Raine logo, once you flip open the lid the inner packaging is all shiny gold with a decent sized mirror. My first impressions about this palette are it definitely has a luxurious and elegant touch other than the fact my daughter got her fingers on it (literally along with a good scoop of her nail) she seemed to be more eager than me!

I love the shade selection, the plum had to be the one that sucked me straight into this palette. Once swatched let me tell you the foils in this palette took me back the consistency, pigmentation and how they literally just glide on! I would say they are very similar to Dose of Colors Hidden Treasures palette in terms of pay off. The mattes however I found consistency varied, however pigmentation was still amazing but the textures differed. The only shade that seemed a bit rough to swatch was the plum shade but even then it gave a good swatch. I would need to try it with a brush before I can make my mind up about what exactly I think of it, other than that I am literally in love!

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  1. wow what a gorgeous palette! would love to see some looks with this :)


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