Thursday, 12 January 2017

Limited Edition | Lorac Mega Pro 3 Palette | Review/Swatches

Another late review, I never got any of the Mega Pro palettes as my love for Lorac only began a yeas ago, this time last year roughly I gave Lorac a chance and swatched them whilst at LA IMATS at that time I had very little expectations and now this has to be one of my most loved brands for eyeshadow palettes.

I previously own a handful of Lorac Palettes so it was only fair I HAD to get the Lorac Mega Pro 3 palette. Firstly can I just tell you exactly how much I love the colour theme they have gone for; matte white packaging with gold writing, the best part is its pretty easy to clean down with a wipe, I had to do this myself as my daughter decided she wanted to dip her hands into my palette. The palette also comes with a decent sized mirror and is really thin in width just like the rest of the Lorac palettes, this makes my life so much easier when packing them in my kit.

The palette comes with a whopping 32 eyeshadows, following the same theme as their other Pro Palettes the eyeshadows in this palette are assorted into two rows of mattes and two rows of shimmers. Featuring a mixture of warms, greys, neutrals, peaches, blacks and so much more! This one palette features so many key shades that I don't really have to pack as many other palettes, it has shades such as greys which are really hard to find amongst other palettes. I have to admit I feel like I have missed out on their previous Mega Pro Palettes but I am however super glad I managed to get my hands on the Mega Pro 3!.


  1. This palette is stunning! I'm so bummed that Lorac is not available here in Malaysia. I'm probably going to buy it on a website that ships internationally though. I've actually wanted the original Lorac Pro palette, but this one seems so much better! Thank you for the beautiful swatches!

    xoxo, Jiawun

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