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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Holiday Collection 2016 | MAC Holiday Collection 2016 | Review/Haul

This year MAC has really up'd their game with the packaging of their holiday collection, last years packaging was not really upto standard but I have to say they've made up for it this year. And for once in a long time I'm actually pleased with MAC, I feel like my recent reviews on MAC have been mainly negative.

So the biggest thing about this years collection just like last year was a specific highlighter - MAC decided to re-release the Whisper of Guilt Highlighter (in depth review on the Sweet Copper Face Compact here) in a face compact duo as a limited edition again. Now there was so many people who originally didn't get their hands on the original Whisper of Guilt so I'm glad MAC gave them the opportunity to do so with this collection, not only that but MAC released enough products for EVERYONE and this didn't sell out for a fair few days! It's always niggled me why they never produce enough for everyone as they could make some killer cash but thumbs up to them this time. In the picture is the Peach Face Compact which I returned as the blusher was too light for me but I was torn not to on the other hand as the highlighter in this compact is just amazing!

They also released mini lipstick sets which I haven't seen from them before, I personally got both of the sets although I have some of the shades from both kits I thought these were too cute to miss out on. The one thing I love about these is the packaging they come in little mini pull out draws (inserts heart emoji).

I also got the mini pigment sets, right now I'm trying to think of an excuse why but lets face it I just have a thing for collectables lol! The mini pigment sets come in the same style mini draws as the lipstick sets, in each one you get a mixture of pigments and glitters. Again the value for money on these sets is just brilliant.

I was on two minds about the Magic Dust Powders but I ordered them anyway, I was charged as normal but was only sent the Sweet Vision Magic Dust Powder so I had to chase them and by then the other compact had sold out. I'm not sure why I wasn't automatically informed of a refund and if I didn't check what they'd charged me I wouldn't have known. Anyway I would class this Magic Dust powder as a shimmery blusher as there not much else it can be used for, however I do really like it which is why I kept on to it.

Finally I picked up two lipsticks and these were just impulse buys as I tend to get one or two lipsticks from limited collections again just to collect them and for them to look pretty on my vanity. Overall well done to MAC for this years holiday collection, now hurry up and release the Mariah Carey collection as I need that highlighter!

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  1. That lipstick set in nude is on my WL & I want to get my hands on those compacts with highlighters :))


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