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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Relaunch | Jeffree Star Beautylish Special Edition Ft Gemini, Rose Matter & Mannequin Liquid Matte Lipsticks | Review/Swatches

I took these photos when I first got my hands on this set from the first launch but because I wasn't getting much time to blog and the fact it sold out I never really typed up my review. However the good news is this is launching again today!

With this gift set you're basically paying for just the price of three of liquid matte lipsticks in the shades; Gemini, Rose Matter and Mannequin and you get a free personalised gift box with it. If I remember right this was launched around the same time as when they released the shade Rose Matter and because I didn't already have the other two shades I decided to get this.

The packaging of the actual liquid matte lipsticks are the same as the full line ones and not limited edition however if like me you don't already own the shades then this is a great option to go for.

Gemini is describes as a terracotta warm toned nude. I would say it has a tad bit more colour to it than a nude however the rest of the description I agree with.

Rose Matter is described as a soft coral this I totally agree with however it is a more pinky rose toned coral rather than being more orange based.

Mannequin is described as a pale toned cool nude, this I totally agree with however it was too pale for m skin tone but a perfect shade to create an ombre effect, if I want this to work as a nude for me I have to fill my lips in with a darker lip liner.

1 comment:

  1. I was so tempted to pick this up, but I already have Gemini so I didn't bother. Like you, Mannequin will probably be way too pale for me. I have Celebrity Skin which I wear with a deeper liner and it's perfect!

    I did pick up Dolls Parts and Leo from the restock though!


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