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Monday, 5 September 2016

Limited Edition | Dose of Colors Hidden Treasure Palette | Review/Swatches

Firstly I am going to apologise because I am going to give you my review on one of my best ever palettes which sadly isn't available anymore but I had to get this up on my blog and share my love for it.

When I first ever got this palette I ended up passing it on to a friend who told me I seriously need to get my hands on one for myself so then I ordered another which was coincidentally from the last batch they made before they completely sold out. I do seriously think Dose of Colors need to re-release this and make it permanent! I do remember they put a call out and mentioned that it'd be the last time this would be restocked.

So the Dose of Colors Hidden Treasures palette comes in a very slim and sleek palette which then has a sleeve cover that slides over the top, it is pretty lightweight too and you get a decent sized mirror. The detailing in the printing of the packaging follows the concept of the name of the palette which I really like, they kept this palette quite to the point and within concept, even the shades are named and based around the name. There is a mixture of finishes including foils, intense shimmers, sheens, mattes and the black which is actually a dreamy jet black matte contains small glitter which isn't actually too noticeable once applied.

I do not exaggerate when I say this but this palette is one of the best palettes I've swatched to date, the texture of every shadow is super creamy matte, I remember my first time swatting this and thinking bloody hell Aqeela how have you put yourself off getting this palette for so long and even worse the thought of the fact I was actually going to pass on this palette makes my heart skip a beat! It's definitely a palette I cherish and if I'm honest don't use too often yet I don't know what I will do when it comes to hitting pan on any of the shades! For those of you that managed to get this palette I give you a massive virtual hi-five and to Dose of Colors please release this palette again and make it permanent!

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  1. I definitely fall in love with the packaging! And the color pay-off seems great!


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