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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

New Releases 16 From Clinique Overview

Clinique have been rather busy this year creating many new and exciting products, so I thought I'd do an overall review of some of their new launches.

They started their Pop game with their blushers which were a massive hit and super popular, they fast became everyones favourites including mine! It was then the Lip Pops which they released again they became rapidly popular and if you're a regular follower of mine you will know exactly how much I loved them. Recently now they have also released the Clinique Lid Pops in 8 different shades from brights to nudes and browns.

Whats also new to Clinique is they have extended their Chubby Sticks range, they have done what more brands need to start doing by releasing Contour & Highlighting Chubby Sticks as well as Foundation Chubby Sticks. I have said all along the fact that Highlight & Contour products should come in a stick version as it so much more convenient. Cream products can get groggy and even dry when you're going in with a brush to constantly pick product up. Having them in stick version not only makes it much more convenient but much easier to apply and less time consuming too, so I for one am glad to see Clinique have launched these in a stick version.

Finally the Clinique Stay Matte Universal Blotting Powder and Foundation Buff Brush, I am constantly looking for the perfect translucent powder but in a pressed version as I have two little ones I don't have the time to mess around with loose powders and I find pressed translucent powders are hard to come by in the makeup industry. This blotting powder has been a god send in this warmer weather we have had recently. In fact this pressed powder has actually a god send for me and has been getting a hell of a lot of use. I have to add the compact is super sturdy too as I've been popping it into my bag to use on the go. The brush although is a foundation buffing brush I find it works with the powder perfectly, a key tip with applying powder to avoid your skin getting oily is to press the powder into the skin rather than gently dust all over. This is a technique I've been doing for years and the density and softness of this brush is perfect to apply that technique with, on the plus side it is also an amazing buffing foundation brush too!

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  1. I'm curious about the foundation sticks. Thanks for the tip about the pressed powder!


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