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Thursday, 21 July 2016

New Release | Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops | Review/Swatches

I have been super MIA recently and how my heart has ached at the fact I haven't been able to keep up to my blog or interact with other bloggers :(

Todays posts is on a product that has created one crazy stir in the beauty community the Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops, although these aren't so readily available to us in the UK as they not only sold out super fast, if I remember right they were only available to pre-order at start and even then just a few shades were available. I personally paid over the odds and got these shipped over from America (didn't work out very cheap either).

Previously I have tried the Cover FX's infamous Custom Drops and although I admit originally I did think well what is the point in them, they're actually quite a clever and versatile invention! But then with the release of their new Custom Enhancer Drops available in 6 shades 4 highlighters and two contour shades, they totally took the whole highlighter game to a whole new level.

Starting off with packaging, Cover FX have kept the same concept as their previous bottles but this time with metallic colour co-ordinated labels to match the shades of the highlighters. What I have to point out is I absolutely LOVE the pipette applicator which not only reduces waste of product but is so much more practical to use.

I have been vaguely playing around with these (had them over roughly two weeks) trying different application techniques etc, I have to say the best way I found to apply these is what most beauty bloggers/vloggers have mentioned; apply a few drops either to the cheek or directly onto a damp beauty blender and dab. Now I'm rather lazy and don't so much have the time to damp my blender on a morning with two wild kids and what not so I have been trying these with brushes too. The one way that has worked whilst using these with brushes is to use a dense but fluffy brush and to spritz the brush with a little bit of fix+ and gently buff. Although these are literally metal liquid highlighters they can seriously be sheered down for a gentle glow or can be built up for a crazy intense glow and if that isn't enough you can also go ahead and apply a powder highlighter on top! Finally these can also be mixed in with foundations for a dewy finish and I personally tested them with different foundations to see if they separate or alter the textures of foundations and in all honesty they worked pretty well with every foundation I tried, the last thing I do need to try is them as a base/primer and foundation on top I have to be honest and admit I've put that off as I'm not too sure how that will pan out. Overall they are amazing and 100% worth every penny, what I will say don't go crazy like I did and purchase nearly every shade as I find once applied you can't massively tell the shade difference except from the one darker one.

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