Thursday, 19 May 2016

New Release | Illamasqua OMG Beyond Powder & Lip Slick Sticks | Review/Swatches

So as it happens Illamasqua also released their take on the highlighter/illuminator trend. I have to say I am seeing Illamasqua getting back into things again and I'm actually quite excited for their summer collection.

Anyway they released the Illamasqua Beyond Powders which come in two shades one of which is a warm pearlescent white with a hint of gold through it this seems to be the most popular one called OMG and the second which I personally didn't get is more of a bronzier type of shade. Now the texture on these I have to admit is very different and unique not the type I've come across in all the highlighters I already own. If you love a full blown highlight where the highlight is bouncing off your face then these will take a hell of a lot of build up. They are super subtle and even with myself I really have to pack it on to get it how I'd like it and I don't necessarily have a very strong highlight! Now although these come in a larger pan size than other highlighters I have to say the price is a little cray-cray :O!

I also picked up more shades in the Lip Slick Sticks - these are lipliners with some hell of a staying power, I already previously have reviewed these here because they work so well specially under satin or more sheen lipsticks. They have a slight sticky matte feel to them which works brilliantly when pairing with a lipstick as the lipstick almost 'sticks' to these. They have recently released a few more shades and I believe the ones I picked up are from the newer selection.

Highlighter £32.00 | Lip Liners £18.50 each.


  1. What a beautiful highlighter! It's such a shame that you have to build it up though. For that price I would want it to be really pigmented and in your face! x
    Louise |


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