Monday, 29 February 2016

New Release | Violet Voss Holy Grail Palette | Review/Swatches

I was so damn lucky to have got my hands on the Violet Voss Holy Grail palette during the pre-release although in was caught up in shipping for around two weeks (customs had this held up) and I can tell you I also paid heavy custom charges :(.

The palette is rather slim which is exactly what I prefer, the outer casing is matte texture with siple designing along with their logo and palette name printed on top in silver. The top flap of the palette folds enough for you to stand this palette up or even to fold all the way back, this is one of the main things I love about this palette. I need to tell you the shade names are seriously on point I love the humour behind them.

Onto the shade selection, now one of the main reason I was drawn to this palette was the shades they have chosen, there is an amazing balance of gold/bronzes, browns, maroons and neutrals. I don't know why but with most brands you get more of one type than the rest! This comes with a few highlight shades including matte and shimmer. Overall there is foiled, sheen, shimmer, matte and also a duo chrome shade thrown in there too. I don't think there is a single shade that wasn't buttery soft including the mattes which can be a hit and miss especially with brown mattes, I also found these picked up really well with brushes and were a dream to blend with minimum effort. On an overall I honestly can't find a single thing I would fault about this palette I love it! I also created a look using this palette and maybe even a YouTube palette depending on how it turned out.


  1. Your eye make up looks amazing! These colours are so so pigmented, I haven't seen this one before x

    Tamz |

  2. Hi , If you don't mind me asking, how much did you have to pay for custom charge?

  3. p.s. your makeup look with this palette is amazing !

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