Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Morphe Single Eyeshadows / Customised Palette | Review/Swatches

After waiting in a 2 hour long queue in LA for the Morphe shop .. yep thats right both times that I visited their shop the queue was super crazy but worth the wait let me tell you! I decided to pick up some singles to create my own custom palette. They also sell the Z palettes which is pretty handy it makes life much easier but I had already bought a few from IMAT's.

So after standing at the single eyeshadows display for at least an hour and swatting like crazy along with making crazy noises like ooh, ahh, omg and whatever else these are the shades I picked up. I would personally say they're at the same standard as the Makeup Geek and Anastasia Beverly Hills single eyeshadows. I already have my own makeup geek palette which you can see my review on here.

Morphe are already very popular for their eyeshadow palettes and if you love them then let me tell you you will love the singles! The singles are a slightly higher quality than the ones in the palette but is the case with the other two brands. What I love is the shade range is amazing, the texture of the eyeshadows on the other hand is amazing and they pick up much, much better with a brush.

As you can see I picked up a lot of shimmers with a few mattes and foiled eyeshadows too and yes their is a consistency of warm colours but they're so popular right now and not to forget some amazing bronze and coppery golds. I didn't even know what shades I was picking or if they were very similar I just swatched and wrote them down and then passed my list onto the lady who collected them all together for me.

I am looking to pick up their new contour shades really soon also keep an eye out as I will be reviewing a lot more from Morphe.

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