Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Kit Essentials & New Additions | Review/Swatches

I've never really done a post featuring my kit or anything I have in it so when I purchased some items and new additions I thought I'd snap some pics and throw in a post on them. Recently I did a P Louise course and purchased some items for my kit some of these I now ow multiples of as I use them that much for example the brushes. All four of the featured brushes are now brushes I cannot go without, each has its own purpose and is unique to me in its own way. Even after owning 100's brushes these are the four I cannot create a look without, I now have one or two each of these for personal use and even took them to IMATS. I must also add these are my first brushes from Zoeva and I am very impressed, they're easily comparable to MAC if not better and they come in their own little pouches!

MAC Feline is another product I have not turned back from since I used it, this is now my go to waterline pencil and again I purchased one for personal use, it is perfect for the waterline as it goes on effortlessly but it is just as amazing to smudge out because it is so easy to work with. Next up I got a brow pencil after staying away from these for years due to the fact of generally being put off eyebrow pencils but this was due to my technique of using them, I have however mastered using them and they work brilliantly for people who have fuller brows!

As nude lips are super big right now I needed to to update my kit with more nude liners, these were from the extended range of MAC Prolongwear lip pencils although I have to admit I'm not as impressed with these as much as the existing Prolongwear range.

I also picked up a single eyeshadow by Makeup Geek Cosmetics in the shade Morocco, this shade seems super popular especially when creating warm looks it works brilliantly as a transfer shade or above crease shade.

Finally I picked up two of the hottest products by MAC in the makeup industry right now firstly nylon now not only is this an amazing eyeshadow but it works so god for highlighting the brow bone and face! Its been one I've been meaning to pick up for sometime. Finally the lipliner by MAC in the shade Spice, ever since the trend of nude lips or Kylie Jenner lips this shade has been super hot its the perfect mix between a brownish red I would say it is definitely more on the reddish side, I love wearing this alone! Let me know if you enjoyed this post as I'd be more than happy to do some more posts like this or if you have any questions regarding products, application or even tips then just leave me a message below I'd love to help if I can.

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