Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Tarte Tarteist Clay Paint Liner | Review/Swatches

 I hope you all had an amazing Xmas and New Year I'm guessing I will see tonnes of posts on what everyone got, lets admit it that xmas and new year are everyones favourite time of the year celebrating or not. I got a new camera I decided to get the Sony A5100 for on the go this may even become my permanent camera so I may be selling my dslr, I also got tonnes and tonnes of new clothes ready for S/S and not to forget about 15 pairs of shoes!

Anyway todays review is on something I cannot get enough of .. yes thats right eyeliner! I am forever trying new eyeliners be it gel, pen, liquid or any other formula and today my review is on the Tarte Tarteist Clay Paint Liner. I want to start of with saying the amount of love I have for Tarte for including full size brushes which they sell separately too is just amazing. They match up the best brush to the relevant product which makes life not only so much easier but ends up working out pretty good for the price you pay.

The concept behind this eyeliner is very unique, it comes in a tube form with a wide circle tip which I tend to use as a mini plate to dab the eyeliner flat and apply to my brush, this way it saves me wasting product and helps me get an equal amount on my brush. The eyeliner itself is a runny gel like texture but thick enough to stay in form. now the bit that I've been dying to tell you is this is thee mattest of matte and blackest of black gel eyeliners I have tried to date! I absolutely love this as it works perfectly, applies brilliantly and most importantly for me is it is super matte yet jet black! I have a feeling this is one eyeliner I will be purchasing over and over again!

Eyeliner £22.00


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