Friday, 8 January 2016

Limited Edition | Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick 2015 Holiday Bundle | Review/Swatches

So today I am reviewing this limited edition set I managed to luckily get my hands on. I had seen Jeffree Star's Velour Liquid Lipstick for some time now but I guess the shades available weren't my type of shades so I never really purchased them, which means this was my first purchase from the brand.

I had my eyes and dates set to get a couple of the shades form this collection but the shades I wanted sold out within minutes in both the UK and USA and then the sets sold out just as fast. I was lucky enough to find that Beautylish had these in stock so I grabbed this set as fast as I possible could!

Originally I wanted the shade Androgyny (of course), Doll Parts and Hoe Hoe Hoe, but Androgyny is such a unique shade and one that is a very popular shade it sold out within the blink of an eye. In fact it was so popular there was a petition which went round for this to be made permanent and guess what next month this is going to be permanent!

The other shade I really really wanted was Doll Parts now in the tube and whilst wet this is a much softer pink so I was slightly disappointed at first because I really wanted the shade I had seen in the swatches but once set t his dries down to a lovely deep's soft pink again a unique shade of pink.

Finally I'm not a lover of red lipsticks for myself personally just seeing them worn so much I kind of put myself off but Hoe Hoe Hoe again another unique shade it is actually a shade of red with pink glitter particles which you can slightly see in the swatches pic however it is much, much more noticeable in person, also a lot of people complained the glitter didn't stand out as much as what we had seen in pictures and even I was slightly disheartened because I loved the whole concept but I saw a tip (can't remember where) but basically you either use your finger to gently rub or use a tissue to dab away ever so gently the top layer of the lipstick which covers over the glitter and believe me this works!

Finally the last two shades Mistle Toe and Drug Lord the two shades I probably won't be using myself personally, Drug Lord is a great one to use to mix with other colours.

My thoughts - I have to start with saying I love the packaging Jeffree is one all about making a statement so I definitely think these have been created perfectly, the tubes are the same as the permanent line just the white lids are pink. The applicators are a general doe foot applicator which I think work best with liquid matte lipsticks and the formula is literally perfection enough for me to say these land amongst the best liquid matte lipsticks in my list, the wear time on these is silly amazing! However the only niggle I have is I found the more I use these the liquid starts over flowing out of the top from plumping so I constantly have to keep on top of keeping these clean, I suppose the fact that I absolutely love these so kind of put up with that. So yeh I absolutely love these a big well done to Jeffree Star for creating unique shades that haven't been created 5-10 times over by different brands!

Make sure to keep an eye out on my Instagram link as I will be uploading lip swatches!

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