Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Illamasqua Equinox Collection | Review/Swatches

Another late review in fact most of my reviews will now be a few months behind! Anyway here's what I picked up from the Illamasqua Equinox collection a couple of the products have sold out and where limited editions so I do apologise.

First of all I picked up the Illamasqua Broken Gold Leaf gel this comes in a wand form which consists of broken golden leafs mixed in a gel formula, the applicator is a brush applicator. If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen I posted about this along with the Illamasqua Galaxy Vintage Metallix. I absolutely love the concept behind this, I have sen broken golden leafs for sale on their own but thinking of application put me off but with this its already mixed and ready to use, this looks brilliant applied over a gold base the gel sets clear matte so you can't tell its there once applied.

Next I got the Illamasqua Galaxy Vintage Metallix this is the first time I have tried there 'gel ots' or Vintage Metallix as they're called, I wasn't actually going to order this as I have the gold liquid metal but I decided to go for it as you can never have too many gold bases specially with asian clients! Anyway so I had a play with this it is more of a slightly bronzed gold than a true yellow gold which I don't mind as it gives me shade variation. Once applied this sets dry unlike the liquid metals and once dry here is the best bit this does NOT move no smudging or wearing away, on my hand hand this lasted all day and my hands are constantly in and out of water so I have to give this a 10 out of 10!

Finally I got the limited edition Illamasqua Vega Glamore Lipstick which I'm sorry is sold out. The lipstick is from the Glamore range which means it has a sheen finish, the opacity is really good from the first swipe this can be layered up to be worn darker, I would describe it as a deep redI personally like wearing this matted out by pressing translucent powder over the top. I'm pretty sure they have similar shades to this if you didn't manage to get it.


  1. I MUST procure the 2 golds! Just what I am searching for, whilst planning my new look!

  2. I MUST procure the 2 golds! Just what I am searching for, whilst planning my new look!


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