Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Makeup Revolution New-trals VS Neutrals Palette / Review/Swatches

I'm super behind with blogging and reviews and this is one of the oldest products which has waited patiently for me to review, it is well worth the wait and I'm glad I'm getting round to sharing this with my readers.

This is the Makeup Revolution New-trals VS Neutrals Palette theres a selection of shades not just a random bunch thrown into a palette but this one has coordination behind it, top row has some super hard to get hold of brights that actually have quite good pigmentation, I find there is a struggle on the market to get red brick shades and similar shades to that and if it is possible then its pretty difficult to to find the right ones with pigmentation but this palette has both of them, right now specially with it being so cold these are my go to kind of shades balanced with a mixture of good warm colours, I'd also like to point out the chocolate brown shade on the top row this is an amazing dupe for some high end versions such as MUG and ABH and need I say this is one hell of a popular shade! The second row on the other hand is the total opposite with all nude and neutral kind of shades . Throughout the whole palette on a whole is a good variety of mattes, shimmers, sheens and one glitter.

The only shade that didn't work so well and took a lot of effort to swatch was the first row, last one, it would've been an amazing shade if it had picked as well as it looks in the pan. On the other hand I love all the other colours and I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am to see that Makeup Revolution include brushes rather than sponge applicators which neither of us tend to use. But including brushes not only can we use them but it just adds depth that the brand have actually made some efforts. So on the whole I love this palette and I don't even need to tell you its AFFORDABLE!

Palette £6.99



  1. The bottom row of colours look especially beautiful and for such an affordable price! :)

    1. Yup they are the shades that are so popular at the moment x

  2. Love make up revolution you just can't go wrong for the price and this post deffo made me want to make another purchase


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