Friday, 11 December 2015

Holiday Collection 2015 | MAC Irresistibly Charming Pigments | Review/Swatches

I'd like to apologise for my absence in blogging this week has been a hectic one, from xmas plays to xmas parties and most excitingly my training at P Louise Academy. Any way the last review was last week I've not been this absent in blogging for a long time so once again I am very sorry to my readers and my blog.

My last review was on a few products from the MAC holiday collection for 2015, here is what else I picked up. I am a MAC pigment fan theres no two ways about it I also love their reflects and glitter, when I saw a sneak peak for this collection the one thing I was most certain about was the pigments, now I won't bore you with the fact I really don't like the packaging this year, read here why. These pigments are a set of four whereas last year these were a set of 5 click here to see the difference in packaging! This years packaging for the pigments is a box slightly bigger than palm size which you keep clamped together with a band .. not magnetic or button but a band!

I'm going to just move away from that subject as I won't stop rambling at how much the packaging has annoyed me this year, the pigments are smaller size than full size pigments which is the usual case, there was 3 sets this year and I got all three blues, purples and golds, I actually prefer these sizes as opposed to full sizes as I never get through a full pigment anyway plus these are easier to carry in my kit although they can get a tad bit fiddly. I don't think I have one favourite out of the three as I love all three. The shade selection in each one is brilliant I like how they're all coordinated above are random swatches from a couple of pigments in each set, so all in all I am happy with these except the packaging!

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