Friday, 4 December 2015

Holiday Collection 2015 | MAC Magic of the Night | Review/Swatches

I have already previously reviewed the most hyped item from this years MAC Holiday collection .. yep you guessed it the MAC Oh Darling Highlighter review link here.
Honestly speaking I really wasn't blown away with their holiday collection this year other than the highlighter and pigment sets (will review soon) I really wasn't attracted to much else. I feel like the packaging was not christmas'y at all in fact this kind of packaging I would've expected from one of their normal limited edition collections they release through the year. Last year the packaging was seriously amazing lots of glitter and sparkle to it but this year for the single items it was just literally shiny blue or purple for the lipsticks, even with the pigment cases you will see they really have downsized and the lack of effort gone into the packaging is seriously obvious.
Anyway I picked up three eyeshadows from the collection these are the MAC Colourdrenched Pigments very similar to the texture of the Dazzle Shadows which they released earlier this year review link here, except these have shimmer but no glitter particles. I was hugely impressed with the finger swatches although these are harder to work with brushes in fact I am yet to have a play around properly to see what works best with these. Although I have to admit I was very disappointed with the gold so much so I returned it. I can only explain it as it had faded gold leaf like particles which once I blew went everywhere so I couldn't imagine what would happen if I applied this to my lids, The only way it'd work would be to prime well before hand and maybe set well afterwards too.
Finally I picked up a lip pencil when I first pulled this out of the packaging it basically looked like it had no printing or logo, only when I had to look very closely could I see the faintest MAC logo printed on the end of it again this shows MAC's lack of enthusiasm into this years collection. However this is a very orange'ish kind of red and as I lack a selection of red lip pencils I decided to keep it.
Overall the prices were exceeding as usual but we got less for our money in this years collection well in my eyes anyway!

Eyeshadows £18 each | Lip Pencil £13.50 each


  1. such pretty shades! I got a lipstick from this collection :)

    Annie | DrugstoreDreamer

    1. Ooh what shade, I didn't get any lipsticks if I'm honest x

  2. Gorgeous shades! I love the silver - its so sparkly. Perfect for this season :)
    - Ambar | Her Little Loves

  3. Lovely shadows! I agree. Last year's collection was nicer.

  4. that night thrill color is SO PRETTY. perfect for the season!

    love, rach.
    So, hi.

  5. Beautiful colours! I would never think to wear blue eyeshadow but these are so pretty x
    Louise |


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