Monday, 21 December 2015

Haul | Morphe Brushes Haul | Review/Swatches

This post is a little late but better lat than never eh! I'm quite behind with posts in all honesty this month has been a very busy month for me so I've not been posting as much as I usually would you all know how important the first few months with a new born are so I've been taking it a little easy.

Recently I made splurge haul on Morphe and these are my first two palettes from Morphe along with a few other bits. Firstly ya'all know how much I love my brights specially eyeshadows so I decided to get the Morphe 35B and 35C palettes. 35B is a mixture of mattes and shimmers whereas 35C is all mattes I find it so hard to find palettes that have mainly or all matte shades and that too in such bright colours, the Morphe palettes have always been very highly hyped and to be honest I just thought of these as the regular stock palettes most brands bulk order and have their logos printed on. In all honesty some shades are a hit and miss and didn't pick well but a similar shade in the opposite palette would pick well this confused me a little whereas others were very and I mean VERY highly pigmented. I do find the shades pick up much, much better with brushes! Above are random swatches from both palettes.

I also got a plum gel liner as I love anything purple specially plum liners although they're usually a miss due to the pigments involved to make a purple shade however this baby is amazing and has the right colour pay-off the lasting power was impressive too.

Finally a couple of brushes another popular area for Morphe is their brushes I picked up the Morphe M501 brush after seeing Nikkie Tutorials using this this is one of two of my favourite brushes for highlighting the shape is perfect for applying both subtle and strong highlight.

Palettes £19.95 each | Brushes £8.95 & £3.65 | Gel Liner £7.95

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