Friday, 4 December 2015

New Release | Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Palette | Review/Swatches

Theres been a lot of sneak peeks and pre-launch pics of the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani collaboration behind this palette, I was one of the first lucky few to receive this palette. Initially I remember seeing a picture of this palette just after the Spectrum and Vice 4 sneak peek pictures, it was no secret Urban Decay were on a roll with to creating some breath taking palettes, I quite liked the fact it was a little bit away from the Naked range scene as much as I love the Naked range it was just good to see a little switch up. I previously have reviewed the Urban Decay Vice 4 palette here for those who haven't seen it already and I will be reviewing the Urban Decay Spectrum palette soon too.

Ok first thoughts when I seen one specific image circulating on Instagram I wasn't too blown away honestly speaking and along with many others I just thought this palette had too many similar colours lined up. However the design and the fact that this was a collaboration palette did get me slightly excited so I thought I'd like to see and swatch this before purchasing. Anyway once I managed to get my hands on this palette let me tell you I instantly changed my views on this palette now although in pictures the shades look similar and they are somewhat similar each shade is different in its own way i.e. textures, finishes etc. I prefer this palette over the Naked palettes many times over, this has the perfect nudes which pick up even better with brushes, there is a right amount browns and darks included along with the last line which is my favourite this has what I'd like to call the 'drama' shades and of course 'blackout' which is the mattest and blackest of blacks! I'm so glad I got this palette it is my daily go to and favourite nude palette!

 It was only right I included a picture of a look I created using this palette!

Palette £40.00
Available to purchase from


  1. What a beautiful palette! I think I love every shade!
    Louise |

    1. It definitely has some well picked eyeshadow shades x

  2. Desperate to own this palette! xx

    1. I think this deserves all the hype it gets, it really is an amazing palette x


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