Sunday, 22 November 2015

New Release | Freedom Makeup Highlight & Contour Products | Review

Another brand which is keeping up with the ever so fast growing trend of highlighting and contouring is Freedom Makeup, they've released a whole range of products to get the perfect glow or them killer chiselled features. The best thing is I am so happy to see brands releasing these products at affordable ranges specially as these are great alternatives and dupes to recommend to those who are either new or practicing. As these are great dupes it is also beneficial for makeup artist to buy these products to buy them for their kits.

As a part of the new releases and something I was excited to see and review is the Freedom Makeup Pro Studio Priming Mist this is basically an affordable version to MAC Fix+ which I could never survive these colder days without. This facial mist is designed to be used under makeup and as the name suggests as a primer, made up with multi-vitamins it is designed to hydrate skin and keep it looking radiant throughout the day. There is also a range of other face prep and finishing sprays they have available too.

They have also released two shades in the Freedom Makeup Pro Highlighters these are baked highlighters and I find personally they give a more of illuminated effect, as they have no shimmer particles I find they work brilliantly if dusted gently all over the face.

Another product which I have said from the start that is probably the easiest form to use when it comes to highlighting and contouring is in pencil form, I seriously love how life is made so much easier with the Freedom Makeup Pro Contour Shaped Stick this comes as a 2-in-1 brilliant for saving space as it is a duo, with a contour shade on one side and a matte highlighter shade on the other. This is also a massive recommendation for newbies that are just getting used to cream products for h&c.

Finally the product I was most happy to see released is the Freedom Makeup Pro Strobe Palette this comes with one of the most amazing contouring brushes with the perfect density and flexibility in the brushes, this is basically like the Illamasqua contour brush but with softer bristles at the end which works perfectly as I always found Illamasqua's version too stiff. The Kit comes with a h&c palette which is probably the cheapest dupe for the likes of ABH, Kat Von D etc but for a fraction of the price!

Face Mist £6 | Highlighter £3 | H&C Stick £5 | Contour Kit & Brush £10


  1. nice
    new post

  2. I was really impressed with these products! i loved the priming water and the highlighter not so keen on the contour shades a bit to red for me to be honest

    1. Ahh yes u can get that with contouring products, they worked brilliantly for me. The priming water is brilliant its a dupe for MAC Fix+ x

  3. I only tried freedom make up lately and I love their highlighter and brush cleaner, but I can't get on too well with the contour kit which is a shame xxx


  4. The contour kit is set out a little like the Kat Von D Shade and Light Palette, which is one I have wanted to get my hands on forever! I love the cream pencil form. I hope they have a good shade range, would love some swatches hun. Great post!

    Kiran |

    1. Yes you're right it does remind me of the KVD palette! x


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