Friday, 13 November 2015

Limited Edition | KIKO Midnight Siren Collection | Review/Swatches

Another super popular and hot release from KIKO is the KIKO Midnight Siren collection consisting of a kabuki brush, Muse lipsticks, Illuminating Bronzer and lots more.

This I have to admit is one is at the top in my favourites collections they have release to date, the packaging has got a consistency green and purple shimmery black packaging along with dark metals to reflect the theme perfectly. One good thing with KIKO is they always release little extras i.e. the stunning little sequin pouch for the Kabuki Brush this for me is what gives their brand personality and makes it different to others available on the market.

I have the Kabuki Brush and this sits on my vanity as I find it looks super pretty, the bristles are white with black dipped tips, this is one of those brushes which you can literally sit stroking your face with for hours on end as it is super soft to touch. I will be honest with you and admit I haven't yet used it as I just can't bring myself to do it.

Next up is this Silk Pearl Illuminating Bronzer, this is basically a dome ball with two contour shades and a highlighter. Again this is another product which sits out on my vanity just because it looks lovely along with the Kabuki Brush it reminds me of Golden Balls lol! The texture on this is the best yet I have tried in respect of contour and highlight powders, a little goes a very long way and it is very easily buildable. This has fastly become my go-to daily highlight and contour product. There is enough space in-between each shade to pick up with a decent sized face/contour/highlight brush which can be a bit tricky for palettes or products which come with the shades set out like this.

Finally the Matte Muse Lipsticks ... Yet again I am super impressed with KIKO for creating these although I had the impression they set matte like a liquid lipstick, I can tell you they don't, they're a semi-matte finish and wear down to matte. The pigmentation and texture on the other hand I seriously cannot applaud enough above are one-stroke swipe swatches and you can see how opaque they are! I also have to say I love the colour range as these shades are right up my street! I would easily compare these to NYX Cream Lipsticks as that is how I would describe the texture these are almost cream-like.

Brush £16.90 | Highlight & Contour £14.90 | Lipsticks £6.90 each


  1. My favourite lipstick ever comes from KIKO and I can't wait to get my hands on more of their products

    Steph -

    1. I am so happy to see them opening more and more stores around the UK x

  2. The lipsticks look soo pigmented lovely x


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