Friday, 20 November 2015

Holiday Collection 2015 | MAC Oh Darling Highlighter | Review/Swatches

No makeup junkie will be unaware of the hype this one product by MAC has caused! MAC Oh Darling is a limited edition highlighter which was released by MAC as a part of their holiday collection. Originally the America launch was two weeks before the UK online launch and this was due to go live online in the UK on 29th October but due to some glitches this launched a day early. I was super disappointed as I had the date in my diary and I was fully prepared for it, I received a message from a friend and in that time not only had this sold out but for the best part of the day MAC website was being silly and blocked both my card and paypal as i tried to get the other highlighter Shaft of Gold along with some other stuff. I would have to say I'm super annoyed with MAC as this really isn't fair firstly we are never given launch dates like they do in America, secondly there is super limited quantities again only a fraction of whats available in the states and to top it all off for such a big company its always an issue of their website going down.

Anyway some friends (I am blessed to know) managed to get me this along with Shaft of Gold that involved waking up at 6am and then travelling from store to store after queuing for considerable amount of times, let me for one tell you I cannot even express how grateful I am on the other hand I ended up with quite a few!

Anyway this is a true gold highlighter in Extra Dimension finish so is built up of shimmers, a lot have said this is the same as MAC's Whisper Of Guilt (ltd edition) but I have done comparisons on my Instagram link, I can say this is yes similar to WOG but there is a shade difference because WOG is more on the bronze side whereas this is a gold highlighter. The other thing I heard was this goes on patchy, accentuates dry patches and emphasises spots, firstly yes this can go on patchy but the key is using the right brush I would highly recommend a more rough textured brush to make blending easier also applying a setting powder beforehand is a bonus. As for spots thats the case with any highlighting product you must avoid areas that you wouldn't like to emphasise. I can say I love this highlighter and it takes next to no effort the key is to have a little play around and get it to work best for you. Once again I am a complete person lol now I own this. Keep an eye out for other items I got from the holiday collection.
Highlighter £26.50


  1. Omg such a beautiful pigmented highlighter thanks for the review :-)

  2. Omg such a beautiful pigmented highlighter thanks for the review :-)

  3. So beautiful! You have great friends. Mine wouldn't do that for me x
    Louise |

    1. Aww I did have to pay extra but that part I didnt mind x


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