Friday, 27 November 2015

Clarins Joli Rouge 2015 | Review/Swatches

A few months ago I was happy to see the the reformulation and release of 25 shades to the Clarins Joli Rouge, this range is made up of more sheer lipsticks with a good amount of pigmentation to them must I add. The best thing about these lipsticks they are the perfect option when going for hydration, as the colder weather approaches I am having to swap the matte lipsticks on the odd days for something to give me more moisture as well as a hint of colour.

Key points about this formula it is designed to moisturise as I mentioned above the lipsticks contain 'organic marsh samphire & mango oil'. I also love the design of the tip of the bullets with a rounded curve these hug the lips much, much better than the usual style of lipsticks, these lipsticks also have red berry scent which I have to say I cannot get enough of, for some this maybe something they don't like the scent however isn't over-powering at all.

The new formula also claims to be rich of colour and long lasting, now I always tend to wear a lip liner underneath just so I can get them to last longer on my lips, but I can definitely say these can be layered for a more stronger colour pay-off and as I also mentioned before I personally think these have amazing pigmentation for a lipstick of this texture. With a total of 25 shades to chose from there is literally a shade for everyone, I will also mention the darker the shades the more pigmented they are.

Lipsticks £19.50 each

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